Ph.D. studentship at Laval University in modeling forest structure-function from lidar


A PhD student to join the Digital Forest Laboratory within the Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatics at Laval University. Our research focuses on developing a set of physically-based phytometrical methods using LiDAR data to describe the 3D geometry of forest canopies, and integrating these descriptors into physically-based models enabling the study of links between canopy structure, reflectance and functions. The research is highly interdisciplinary and involves integrating field work, ecosystem science principles, and computer modeling. The PhD project aims specifically to (1) extend a leaf area distribution method developed for broad-leaved trees to needle-leaved using full-waveform terrestrial lidar, (2) investigate the links between 3D canopy structure and leaf biochemistry, and (3) study the influences of canopy structure on within-canopy microclimate. The modeling approach is based on earlier work on terrestrial lidar data processing and integration into process models using voxels.


Preferred Qualifications: A good background and interest in Forestry, Ecology, Biology, Geomatics, and/or Computer Science. Applicants should have an interest for intensive field work, strong skills in quantitatively processing and analyzing large volumes of data, and knowledge of scientific programming languages like MATLAB. Laval University is North America’s first French-language university, nearly all lectures and interactions are in French (language development courses are offered). Graduate students have the option of writing their theses in English.


A 19,000 $/year scholarship is available for 3 years. Further information about the position is provided by Prof Martin Béland: Interested individuals should send a cover letter describing their research experience and publications along with a current CV and the names and contact information of three references. Review will start July 1st, the position will remain open until filled.



Martin Beland

Assistant Professor

Regular member – Centre for forest research Department of geomatics sciences Faculty of forestry, geography and geomatics

Office: 1325 Louis-Jacques-Casault and 2187 Abitibi-Price Laval University Quebec (Quebec) G1V 0A6

418 656 2131; ext. 4611


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