VENERDÌ 7 GIUGNO 2019 ORE 11:00 Villa Paolina – CNR IRET Via Marconi 2, Porano (TR)

PRETATERRA – Systematization, Modularity and Replication Methods

A cura di Valter Ziantoni e Paula Costa (PRETATERRA)

PRETATERRA works on the planning, development, implementation and dissemination of regenerative agroforestry systems in a systematized, modular and replicable way. The knowledge systematization applied for our agroforestry planification methods does not only involve scientific data; we recognize the primordial importance of traditional empirical knowledge, focusing in rescuing and systematizing this knowledge. We analyze, co-create, plan and build integrated agroforestry systems using local knowledge acquisition tools, participatory technology transfer methodologies, empowerment and governance strengthening, associated with mapping tools.

VALTER ZIANTONI Forest Engineer (UFPR), MSc. Agroforestry (Bangor University), Management Specialist (FGV), specialist in International Relations (UFPR). More than 15 years of agroforestry experience, including project management and coordination, forest inventories (5 years) and native monitoring, timber and NTFP classification in Amazonia. Extensive experience in rural economy and sustainable development models, with international experience (Laos, UNDP and Turkey, FAO-SEC) in management and leadership positions. Has developed several voluntary works, mainly in Africa and Asia. Extensive applied knowledge in the development and application of local knowledge acquisition tools (RRA, Pairwise, Conceptual mapping, etc.).

PAULA PONTELI COSTA Forest Engineer and Specialist in Environmental Management (ESALQ – USP) and Biologist (UNESP). More than 10 years of theoretical and practical experience in regenerative production systems. Advanced knowledge in dendrology, botanic and identification of native trees. Worked in the coordination of the field team and in the development of research and innovation in the agroforestry production systems of Organic Farm ‘Fazenda da Toca’ (Brazil). As an extensionist, participated in sustainable projects and technical assistance with farmers and communities in various regions of Brazil and Latin America.

Per informazioni: Andrea Pisanelli (348 8134107); Claudia Consalvo (328 8594567)



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