Workshop: Emerging issues of Forest Inventory and Integration with Remote Sensing


  • IUFRO 4.02.06 – Resource data in boreal and temperate regions
  • IUFRO 4.02.04 – Geographic and management information systems
  • Italian Academy of Forest Sciences (AISF)
  • Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology (SISEF)
  • CRA, Dipartimento Agronomia, Foreste e Territorio, Via del Caravita 7/a, ROMA

20 May 2011


(Click on the links below to display the slide presentations to the workshop)

10.00 Introduction
P. Corona
(chairman: G. Scarascia Mugnozza)
10.15 Forest inventory support for REDD+ monitoring and reporting
E. Tomppo – METLA, Finland and FAO, Rome
10.45 Non response treatment in forest inventory
S. Franceschi, L. Fattorini, F. De Natale, P. Gasparini – University of Siena / CRA, Italy
11.15 Statistical experiments for monitoring trees outside the forest
P. Corona, M.V. Chiriacò, L. Fattorini, F. Baffetta – University of Tuscia / University of Siena, Italy
11.45 Vegetation biomass mapping integrating remote sensing and forest inventory for forest fires pollutants emissions modelling
G. Chirici, D. Tonti, M. Ottaviano, E. Marchi, M. Marchetti University of Molise / University of Firenze, Italy
12.15 Integration between airborne laser scanning and ground surveys for forest stand inventory: experiences in Trentino (Italy)
A. Floris, F. Clementel, G. Colle, C. Torresan, G. Scrinzi – CRA / EffeTreSeiZero, Italy
12.45 Discussion
13.00 Conclusion
M. Marchetti


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